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Effective July 1,2011. This policy is established to maintain the cemetery in a manner that is respectful and is needed to insure safe operation and maintenance of the cemetery. The regulations may be changed by the Cemetery Committee when deemed necessary.


  1. Burials must comply with applicable State of Minnesota regulations regarding burials.
  2. All traditional and cremation burials will require the use of a burial vault.
  3. A maximum of two (2) interments are allowed per grave site: One traditional vault and one cremation vault or two cremation vaults. Effective Jan 1, 2014: A charge of $250 will be assessed for a second rite of interment.
  4. Winter interments. There will be no winter interments when snow or heavy frost is present.
  5. There is a charge of $50 for staking the grave site and recording.
  6. The family is responsible for having the grave leveled and grass or sod planted after interment.
  7. Perpetual Care includes lawn mowing only.


  1. A permanent grave marker is required within one year of burial, indicating the deceased person's full name, date of birth and date of death. All grave markers must be set level with adjacent terrain.
  2. No new above ground monuments are allowed. All monuments and markers must be set level with adjacent terrain.
  3. Grave markers with a hole drilled in the stone for a flower urn will not be allowed.
  4. It is preferred that bronze military markers have a concrete border to prevent theft. Granite military markers are preferred.
  5. Flags may only be placed on veteran's graves for the Memorial Day holiday by those persons directed to do so. No other placement of flags will be allowed.
  6. The family is responsible for maintenance and leveling of monuments and grave markers.
  7. No wooden or metal crosses , shepherd hooks, eternal lights, shrines, metal rods, decorations that contain wire, or other decorations are not allowed.
  8. No decorative rock or fence boarders can be placed anywhere on the lot.
  9. All grave markers/monuments are and shall remain the property of the family, and the responsibility for maintenance and liability shall remain with the family.
  10. Grave Markers: It is required that a cemetery worker stake the location for the installation of all grave markers. To accommodate this, a minimum notice of three working days is needed before the date of installation of the marker, Markers must be set level with adjacent terrain.
  11. There is a $25 charge for staking the location for the grave marker.


  1. Only one flower box allowed per grave.
  2. Flower boxes must be of the type that can easily be picked up and moved for mowing.
  3. No flowers or flower pots shall be planted directly in the ground.
  4. No trees or shrubs shall be planted in the cemetery except by approval of the Cemetery Committee.
  5. Artificial flowers may be placed near the marker of a grave, but no earlier than ten days before Memorial Day and must be removed by June 15th. If they are not removed the cemetery maintenance workers will remove them.
  6. If artificial flowers are to remain during the summer they must be placed in a flower box. When flowers fade and become unsightly they must be removed or replaced. The maintenance workers may remove them at their discretion.
  7. All flower boxes must be removed by September 15th each year.
  8. Christmas wreaths may be placed on grave sites, but no earlier than the week-end after Thanksgiving and must be removed by January 31st of the following year.

Revised 2/6/2017