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Jemima L Sunnarborg

(? - 06/21/2018)

Last Known Residence:UnknownMN
Date of Birth:Unknown
Location of Birth:Unknown

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Death/Funeral Information

Date of Death:06/21/2018
Age at Death:Unknown
Location of Death:Unknown
Funeral Date:06/28/2018
Funeral Director:Atkins-Northland Funeral Home
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Relationship Information

Lucille Ellen Sunnarborg (Kulla) (1990 - 2018): Mother

Grave/Marker Information

In New Cemetery:Yes
Burial Type:Unknown
Burial Location:Unknown
Marker Type:Unknown
Marker Location:Head
Marker Shared with Grave:1
Marker Inscription:Unknown

Military Information

No Military records found.

Updates and Corrections

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